About Us

  1. Match2Earn with Kling's NFTCharm. The price of the average NFT is determined by market speculation and face value. NFTcharm aims to change this by providing objectively valued NFT’s through a Unique Minting process. Our protocol is simple: “Match and Earn”. Here are the specifics -

  2. The mint price can be selected by the user anywhere between 4000 KLING (~$1)to 40,000 KLING (~$10)
  3. (You can swap $KLing ⇔ $BNB from our Pool)

  4. Based on the mint price user can earn anywhere between 36000 KLING(~$9) and 360000 (~$90) if the color of the NFT is matched with the color selected.

  5. Vision of KLING is to create a Match2Earn Market place for users to multiply their KLing.

Why Kling NFTCharm

Earn rewards in $KLing token by matching A Color

Customized Mint Price

Instant Increase In Floor Price