Guess The Head Color
Guess The OutFit Color
Win 80000 KLing by guessing ONE colour
Win 200000 KLing by guessing TWO colours

Road Map

  1. Beta Launch:

    Kling NFTCharm, Match 2 Earn. Launch of 1000 NFTs. Match attribute to earn Kling. The Beta will be limited to 1000 NFTs

  2. NFTCharm Launch:

    Kling's NFTCharm will launch its full version, which includes up to 8800 NFTs for users to Match and Earn!

  3. Stake2Earn

    Staking will be Live where Unmatched NFTs can be Stake to earn Kling to recover mint premium. Therefore users can earn their NFT premium back!

  4. Season 2

    NFTCharm Step 2! Release of new NFT collections to Match and Earn with greater rewards!

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